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Posted: January 11, 2012 in References& Resources

Over the winter break, I had checked out several books, video tapes and DVDs from the local library from thesis research. Most of them are from the same author, his name is David Macaulay. He is a children book writer and artist as well. He illustrates many drawings in his books. The book I used for inspirations are:

Build to Last, Cathedral- The story of it construction, Castle, Building the Book Cathedral, City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction.

I use all these books for my Gothic architecture ideas and some of them can be applied to thesis work. I used some of the reference from the book “Cathedral” for 3D modeling ideas alone with surrounding environment set. Even these are children books, I find many medieval time building and life style are very illustrated. I am able to apple some of the ideas and make revisions to current cathedral environment. Interesting enough, prof.Cookson suggests the same books while we are discussing about making this game level.
I just help make want to check out these books again for even a deeper look. All these books and DVDs are great reference to enrich my thesis research.