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Coming from traditional graphic design/ pre-press background, I have seen how web design greatly impact printing industry over the years. Print media is passive, expensive, require mailing to reach to its potential customers. By contrast, web design is dynamic- information can be quickly engaged to target viewers in timely manner. Content can be revised and updated constantly. On the other hand, print materials often dated as soon as they got out of the print shops.

In certain extend, print information can be ported onto the web but the reading experience is now different. Readers no longer feel just holding a piece of paper. Furthermore,the web content provide more visual appeals with audio and video interactions. This is something print can never achieve.

Being trained in print has it’s pros and cons for the individuals to transit to web design. A print designer has the essential skills for page layout, typography and color schemes. However, he or she has to acquire huge amount of web knowledge, especially in coding before freely express his or her own ideas in web design.


Study Book

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Genernal References& Resources

The book that I am going to study: The Conspiracy of Art by Jean Baudrillard. “Illusions” P89-132